LME 737 Technology Projects

On this page, you will find the technology projects that I am completing in LME 737. I am excited to try out different types of technology that I haven’t previously used before!


One technology project that I completed is the Advanced Publisher project. I have used Publisher occasionally for flyers and brochures, but I was not aware that there was a way to create books! In this module I created a book about slaves, their journey to America, the hardships they faced, and how they eventually were able to become true immigrants and experience freedom in America. Check it out here:



A second technology project I completed is the Digital Citizenship PSA. My public service announcement is for parents and their etiquette with their technology and kids. The main message is: Put it Down, Pick Them Up. Enjoy!

You can access the references used for this project here:

LME 737. Korrell. Digital Citizenship PSA

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  1. heakor says:

    Here is the link to my Google Earth Project- It is about the transatlantic slave trade. It is downloadable from Dropbox at the following link:


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