LME 535 Instuctional Design

It is always important to design instruction that is not only appropriate for the students but also challenging and engaging. Students should be involved with the content as well as the process. The highest levels of Bloom’s ensures that students are thinking deeply and making connections with the content.

Have a look at the document below that shows the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and possible activities for each of those levels. The topic being applied is Saving Endangered Animals.

Korrell.LME535.ID-1 Saving Endangered Animals


Below is a Instructional Design Plan for an authentic topic lesson on how humans destruct endangered animal habitats. This plan includes objectives, lesson activities, assessments, and rubrics. This lesson fits into a unit on ecosystems and habitats and engaged the students in using technology. All resources are included and references are annotated for use by teachers. Check it out!

Korrell.LME535.3.IDP Template

I also created a student sample for Animoto. Students have to design a plan that will save the habitat of an endangered animal. This Animoto focuses on the Orangutan and how deforestation needs to stop. The video also gives a practical plan for how it can be lessened in our own homes.



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  1. Heather,
    I really liked this Animoto. The still pictures were great and the message is moving. It makes me want to help save these awesome animals. Thanks for sharing the information. Your website is well organized and has a great deal of content; this would be very helpful for educators.
    Karen Reinhart

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