The following survey was used to determine the needs and interests of the students in terms of service learning. Below the survey you can see the analysis of the results! It was very interesting to see student responses and things that they are interested in.


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Here are the results from the survey of 12 total respondents and analysis of the results below each question.

Service Learning 1

From question one I can see that 9 out of the 12 respondents are likely or very likely to help people through service. Only two people were very unlikely. This could be due to the fact that they are not sure what helping may entail. Only one respondent stated that they did know if they would be willing to help others. From this question I can say that most elementary students in my class are open to being a part of a service learning project.

Service Learning 2

From question two I see that 4 of the 12 respondents are willing to help elderly, and 3 of 12 are willing to help either children or veterans. This lets me know that the students are really open to helping almost anyone. There was no overwhelming majority. The one response that was other said that they would like to help teachers. Since veterans are sometimes elderly, then helping veterans seems like a good project for them.

Service Learning 3

I found this question to be most interesting. Although the students thought that elderly and veterans would benefit from services the most, more students, 7 out of 10 responded that they would like to work with pets and animals. No one responded that they wanted to work with the elderly and only 1 responded that they wanted to work with veterans. I think some of this is due to the students previous experiences. Many have not had the experience of working with elderly or veterans, however they are much more familiar with working with animals. I think that providing them an opportunity to work with veterans would broaden their understanding of the community and the needs that veterans have, as well as how they can be a help to people.

Service Learning 4

There was no shining subject where the majority of students thought was their strength. The most selected subject was science, where 3 out of 12 respondents said it was their strength. A service learning project that would include multiple subjects would be best so that each student could use their strengths.

Service Learning 5

The overwhelming majority, nearly 50%, of respondents feel like they need to increase their skills in writing. As a teacher in the classroom, I could not agree more. Offering students a service learning project where they can work on those weaknesses would be ideal for these students. Having them write about the veterans life stories and accomplishments would be a great outlet for this type of learning.

Service Learning 6

For this question, I allowed students to select more than one interest to them. The most interests were in music and gaming at 7 out of 12, however reading and talking to others were a close second at 5 out of 12. A few of the students who selected other said that singing was an interest that they had. Since the special event could include music, reading of veteran’s stories, and even some entertainment, it would be a great outlet for these students. Also, since so many students like to talk and chat with others, it will help them when they are talking to veteran’s about their accomplishments and hearing about their stories.

Service Learning 7

For this question, 8 out of 12 students liked to create new things, 7 out of 12 said that they liked to talk to people, and 6 out of 12 said that they liked to work with technology. All of these interests would help in planning an event for veterans that would display their accomplishments and stories. Students could use technology to display the stories, they would talk to the veteran’s and present projects, and they would be creating a new project. Although only 2 people said that they liked planning events, those students could be the ones that head up the project and work closely with the teacher and the veteran’s program coordinator.

Service Learning 8

Service Learning 82


The top three choices for activities that students would like to participate it included working with veterans to record their life accomplishments, planning a special day to share veteran’s accomplishments, and Teaching elderly how to use a specific technology. Each of these activities could be incorporated in the the veteran’s celebration day. It shows that the students really are interested in helping others, while also learning.

Service Learning 9

This question also is not consistent with other answers, because 11 out of 24 responses said that they would like to work with animal organizations, and 5 out of 24 responses said they would like to work with schools. Although students previously responded that they think veteran’s would need help and that they would be interested in working with veterans, they did not respond that way in this question. I think again, most of it is due to the fact that they do not have experiences in the area of veteran’s organizations. Providing them with this specific service learning opportunity would open those doors and expose them to new experiences.

Service Learning 10

Overall, question 10 revealed that students have very limited experiences with service learning. One response was irrelevant, while two responded that they have worked with Feeding America, one has been in Girl Scouts, and two have helped clean up their community. Several students did not respond to number 10.

In conclusion, I think that having students plan an event for veteran’s to celebrate their accomplishments, read their life stories, and invite friends and family for a time of socializing is a great idea. It will open up opportunities that the students have previously not had and it will expand their view of the community and needs. This particular activity will also give students the much needed practice in the area of writing and increasing that skill. I am excited to see how the students do with this particular service learning activity.


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