Service Learning

Living History

A Service Learning Project for Students and Veterans

Veterans Picture

 Grade Level: 5


To teach fifth grade students how to write biographies, use technology, and serve others while learning.


The fifth grade students will be learning about veterans, what they can do to appreciate them, and combining it with biography writing and celebration planning.

Fifth grade students will be paired with a veteran through the local veterans office. Interviews will be conducted and then the students will write a biography celebrating the veteran’s life and accomplishments.

They will also create a technology display that shows key highlights from the biography. They can choose between using Story Jumper, Dipity, or Animoto.

Lastly students will plan and organize a celebration day and invite the veterans and their families to be a part as they present their technology projects. The celebration will host a small reception for all of those involved.


Since many students have not been involved in service learning, they will keep a log of reflections throughout, including once after the interview, one during writing/technology creating, one during the planning celebration stage, and a final one at the end of the celebration day.

 View the full outline for this service learning project below!

Download (DOCX, 226KB)

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