LME 535 Technology Projects

This page will be the host for all technology projects in LME 535. Throughout the semester projects will be added below. Be sure to check back and see the the ways technology can be used personally and in the classroom!


Here is my Digital Drivers License (DDL). I am officially certified to cruise the web! :)

Digital Drivers License


Below is a document you could use to teach digital responsibility to you students. It is geared towards 5th grade students, however would be appropriate for any grades 4-6. This document includes references for all resources.

Korrell.LME535.Digital Citizenship Annotated Bibliography

3 Responses to LME 535 Technology Projects

  1. heakor says:

    Here is an Animoto video I created that would be used to spark students interest in brainstorming ideas that could save endangered animals.

  2. heakor says:

    Here is a survey created using Survey Monkey that can be used in conjunction with a pre assessment to gauge students understanding of endangered species. This survey can also help students when they are designing their own survey and their project to help save endangered species.

    Click here to take survey

  3. heakor says:

    Here is a Prezi that I created about Saving the Manatee. This Prezi focuses on the Manatee the issues that the manatee is facing, what is being done to save them and how others can help. This Prezi serves as an example of what students could do to inform and promote saving the species they choose.

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