Prensky Response # 3

1.      Discuss two points on which Prensky and Tim Brown would agree. Give at least one additional resource and tie it into your discussion.

         See the Prezi below!

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I am from Kentucky, currently a 5th grade teacher and a grad student. I love to sing, read, and hang out at a beach or pool. I am a huge Louisville Cardinals fan and I love the NFL. Seahawks and Steelers. Fantasy Football takes up most of my August-January :) I blog right now about teaching and technology. Check me out!
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7 Responses to Prensky Response # 3

  1. Stacy Jones says:

    Great job! Your Prezi is both visually appealing and informational.

    I especially like your statement about the need to change the way we teach in order to help students learn. My school is in the process of undergoing major changes – both in technology and the way students are taught. One idea we are working on, but have not yet implemented is the idea of academies. In these academies, all courses (core and electives) will be built around student interest and passion. For example, if a student is into agriculture, all of their classes will relate to agriculture (English, Math, Ag Business, etc.). They will participate in Capstone projects at the junior and senior level to apply these skills into a real-world situation. This ties into the theory of making the learning real-world and related to student interests. My only question is what will we do with the students who have not yet found their passion? I would have been one of these students. I had no clue in high school what I wanted to do with my life. I feel that we need to also make sure students are exposed to various real-life experiences in the classroom so that they can find their passion and build on it.

    • heakor says:

      I think when students don’t know their passion you expose them to as much as you can. Let them explore and try to figure it out.

      Something I learned from a church class:

      Ask them, what would they do if time and money were not an issue?

      Most of the time you can find what someone is passionate about, because it is something that they LOVE to do! If they didn’t have to work, didn’t have to worry about school, didn’t have to worry about money or responsibility, what would they want to do???

  2. Morgan Kennedy says:

    Great Prezi! I really enjoyed taking a look at it and truly gained great information. I love the statement that says, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This an ongoing issue in many schools. So many teachers are afraid of change, but that is just what our students need in order to become successful. Experiences need to be real for students…This is how they learn best. I agree that allowing students to be creative and produce will make their learning more meaningful. Great presentation! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joni Poynter says:

    Hey Heather,
    Great Prezi! I also discussed the need for creativity and being “real” in my presentation. I liked what you said about teaching to the way kids learn. I have been teaching for a long time, and I have lately come to realize that if teachers don’t begin to teach this way, we will continue to struggle with keeping our kids interested and engaged. Our kids are very creative, but we often don’t see it because we don’t give them the opportunities to express it.

    • heakor says:

      I agree! We have to break the mold, let them be the individuals that they are. We aren’t the same, why should we expect the kids in our room to perform the same?

  4. heakor says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!

    I actually have the quote about students not being able to “learn the way we teach,…teach the way they learn” posted in my classroom. It is a constant reminder that if they don’t get it, change it, think like they think, what can they relate to, what interests them.

    I think education is changing so fast, it is almost hard to keep up. If we fight change, we do the students a disservice. It should be about them. I am also a firm believer that it is not always about a test score. I know I teach my students much more than they will ever learn on a test! And often times, it is the things that are not on a typical test that they really need to learn!

    Just a few thoughts!

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